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The city of Frankfurt am Main is an attractive and successful European metropolis. WORK AND LIFE become a part of an urban identity.
The building is located in the mercantile centre.
It provides Freedom, flexibility and opportunity.
It offers Freedom, flexibility and opportunity.

A part of the City.
A part of you.


Urban space defines our life. Every day the world is constantly changing around us. Everything can inspire us. What we encounter on the city‘s streets today could be the birth of a new trend or an exciting business idea for tomorrow.

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LIME58 establishes connections and networks – LIME is the colour of endurance and energy.
LIME58 links the working world with the modern professional’s lifestyle and provides space to focus on business and personal potential.

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the concept
of humane

The concept of 14 floors offering creative flexibility is represented by four main building blocks alternating between stone and glass in the form of two tapered glass towers. LIME58 offers the opportunity to create bespoke office space across all of its availability from c. 133 sq m to c. 1,090 sq m per floor. Additionally, the building provides four large roof terraces, a variety of shops and cafés on the ground floor, as well as a two-storey underground car park.

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In Touch
your ideas

Contemporary modern architecture and strategically planned building concepts define the standards of quality and innovation in LIME58. The renovation program initiated in 2017 will turn the entrance and its roofed portal into a new landmark. The re-designed foyer and its co-working area will offer a warm welcome to employees and visitors alike. With spaces tailored for businesses of all sizes, four roof terraces and a well-connected infrastructure, LIME58 provides an efficient and appealing professional environment that employees and visitors will cherish.

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Discover LIME58 for yourself. Contact us for a viewing appointment. We look forward to meeting you.